Summer Forest Art Yarn Shawl OOAK22


Summer Forest Art Yarn Shawl OOAK22.

Summer Forest Art Yarn Shawl is handspun and hand dyed. I handspun dyed Leicester Long Wool locks into a textured artyarn. I spiral plyed that with an Angora Rabbit blue 2 ply laceweight yarn. The rectangle shawl was created with Tunisuan crochet and a regular crochet edge all around for stability. It has the movement and drape of knitting and stability of crochet.

I have absolutely no clear idea of how many hours went into this shawl since there were so many proccess and parts to it. Just know it was made by hand and full of creativity and light. It was a joy to work with and create.

70 inches long
24-27 inches wide (average 24-25 inches)
Fringe average 5-5.5 inches with a few pieces a little longer or shorter adding to the wildness and texture
Leicester Longwool and Angora Rabbit
Handwoven and Lightly Felted
Handspun and Hand Dyed
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***Hand wash cold with like colors. Lay flat to dry. Resist wringing, no heat.